About the Association

The Association of test centers of railway equipment and technology (the Association) is a non-profit organization uniting railway test centers in the 1520-mm gauge region.

The Association was established by Russia’s leading rolling stock test centers to protect their lawful rights and interests, and to coordinate the testing of railway equipment.

Our members provide a full range of reliability and performance testing for railway engineering products (railcars and their parts, assemblies, locomotives and infrastructure), with special attention to the testing of new heavy-duty and high-speed rolling stock.

The members of the Association are certified compliant with the following technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union:

  • TR TS 001/2011 Safety of Rolling Stock
  • TR TS 002/2011 Safety of High-Speed Rolling Stock
  • TR TS 003/2011 Safety of Railway Infrastructure
  • TR TS 032/2013 Safety of High-Pressure Equipment